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There are some plumbing related problems that are more annoying than others. A burst pipe and broken toilet are definitely at the higher end of the list, but a broken water heater isn’t far behind. We usually realise there is a problem first thing in the morning when we walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower and realise that we have been waiting far too long for the water to get above freezing.

Eventually, it dawns on us that the invigorating morning shower is out of the question, and there is a problem with the water heater. This may seem like the end of the world some mornings, but homeowners don’t need to panic. There are actually many potential causes and solutions to the problem, some of which are pretty straightforward for our team.

Gas hot water heaters

The first thing to do is to identify the type of water heater that is in place within the home. Some homes run on gas-powered systems and others rely on electricity. Failure within a gas hot water system could be the result of a leak in the line. The gas simply isn’t getting through the system to provide the energy required to heat up the water. As you will know, gas leaks, whatever the source, are a dangerous issue in a home. Any suspected leak should be dealt with by a professional at JR Burns as soon as possible. Sometimes you will be able to smell the unpleasant odour of the gas as a sure giveaway that there is a leak. Even if you cannot smell it, but still suspect a leak, call JR Burns to stay on the safe side.

Electric Hot water heaters

The alternative to the gas hot water heater is the electric one. Here the risks are less severe, but no less annoying when the system won’t heat up the water as required. Some homeowners will find that there is no hot water at all, while others will find that it either doesn’t stay hot for long or the temperature is too low. Either way, this indicates a problem with the heating element. The reliable team at JR Burns will be able to replace this for you with no problem at all.

Sediment build-up

We often forget about the potential for sediment and waste products within a hot water system, but they can build up with a water heater. They come in with the water via contaminants and other particles, or through corrosion of the pipes. A small amount of rust, sediment or other elements may seem tiny, but they combine to form heavy layers at the bottom of the heater. This is another job that calls for the professionals at JR Burns. Our team can determine the root of the issue and the best approach. A simple sediment build up can be treated with a correction to the temperature. However, a rust issue is not so easily fixed as this highlights more permanent damage. In this instance, JR Burns will have to replace it altogether.

Hot water heater thermostat problems

In many cases, the thermostat may not be badly damaged or in need of repair. Problems with a decline in temperature and an inability to heat up fully could easily come down to a fault in the thermostat. The worst case scenario here is that the thermostat will have to be replaced entirely because it has developed an unrepairable fault. In others, JR Burns may simply adjust the thermostat to create an adequate temperature.

The latter issue here may seem like a bit of a waste of time and energy for the plumber. However, we insist that homeowners call us out for any suspected fault whenever a hot water system isn’t working as intended. It is better to be safe than sorry with such an important part of the plumbing. Our reliable, professional team at JR Burns are just a phone call away, on 0414 552 828, and ready to help with any concerns.


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