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Sydney Water encourages members of the public to report water and wastewater leaks or breaks by phoning our 24-hour emergency line on 13 20 90. If the leak is coming from your property or you are not sure, please call JR Burns Plumbing as soon as possible. If you are unable to turn the water off, please call straight away. Don’t delay the damage will get worse.

If you are experiencing a water outage, please check the Sydney Water Service updates map to see if you are affected. In an emergency, Sydney water has permission to turn off your water without notice.


Burst Water main:

If water is running down your driveway or from the front of your property, it may be a broken pipe or burst water main. It may be on your land or from council land. Either way, you must act quickly to reduce water loss and avoid damage to your property from water under pressure.

If water has been turned off, make sure that you do not run dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters or water pumps; they could be damaged without available water.

Old, damaged, and corroded piping may cause problems, from contaminated water to water leaks to ruptured or burst pipes. JR Burns Plumbing will be able to complete all your urgent pipe repairs and minimise the water damage caused by unexpected burst pipes, as well as completely replace piping systems with new piping.

To determine if you have a water leak in your home, take a water meter reading. Without using any water in the home, take another meter reading a few hours later. The change in the meter reading will determine if the property is registering any water leaks.

If storm water is overflowing or backing up from pipes and down-pipes, please notify our roof plumbing and drainage team to help you out. Our qualified roof and drainage team can unblock your pipes to remove the problem.

When a water pipe bursts in your home, your plumbing system needs immediate attention. There is no time to lose after a burst pipe, you want to minimise any damage quickly, and only the expertise of a professional plumbing company like JR Burns Plumbing can make things right.

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We Understand Emergency Plumbing Stress

We understand the stress of calling a plumber in an emergency to repair a burst pipe.  But should it ever happen to your home, it’s important to have an understanding, hard-working and empathetic plumbing expert on your side.

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