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Looking for a reliable plumber to help with blocked toilets and drain cleaning. We are qualified and experienced, and local to Five Dock? Call us today at 02 9744 0964.

If your toilets or drains are slow to let the water down, or not clearing out at all, then make the call. While it may be tempting to try to unblock it yourself and avoid the service call, you should know that this can cause larger problems in the long run. You may end up compacting the problem.

You are better to contact a professional early, this can reduce the chance of getting other trades involved to repair the damage.

JR Burns Plumbing service vehicles are equipped and ready to support you. Your indoor plumbing is connected to an outdoor drainage and sewer system. This system can back up and flood your yard, and can make it impossible for you to flush your toilet or empty water inside the home.

In the case of a sewage system backup, call JR Burns Plumbing to clean and empty the sewage and drainage system today on 02 9744 0964 for all blocked drain and toilet issues.

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