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With over 20 years of industry experience, our JR Burns Five Dock plumbers are the #1 trusted local plumber for homeowners and businesses in the Sydney area. Our technicians are trustworthy, highly trained experts – knowledgeable and fully licensed plumbers that can help with all your plumbing needs.

Plumbing Services in Five Dock NSW

As the number 1 Five Dock plumber, we have a comprehensive list of plumbing services for both home and commercial plumbing issues. Our reliable services are professional, done with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, with affordable pricing.

Our plumbing services include

  • Burst pipes repair
  • Gas fitting and installing new hot water systems
  • Repair for leaking pipes, taps and blocked drains
  • New bathroom and kitchen fit outs
  • Bathroom renovation and repairs
  • Pipe relining
  • CCTV exploration and plumbing diagnostics
  • Gas leaks
  • Roof repairs
  • Toilet and shower repairs

The Best Plumbers in Five Dock

Whether you are looking for a professional plumber for your home or business, our team of Five Dock plumbers are here to give you the best possible service. Equipped with a comprehensive list of plumbing services, our licensed plumbers work quickly and efficiently to provide you with exceptional plumbing solutions.

With over 20 years of experience, we have dealt with all the plumbing jobs you could imagine, from toilet repairs to blocked drains, installing a new hot water system to gas fitting and bathroom renovations – our JR Burns plumbers in Five Dock are the experts and do an excellent job fixing and solving all your plumbing needs.

Your #1 Emergency Plumber in Five Dock

If you’ve got water leaking from an unknown source, a burst pipe or leaking taps that just can’t wait – we are here to help.

We know that emergency plumbing issues need quick service in a timely manner and our emergency plumbers in Five Dock are quick to respond to any situation 24/7.

We carry all the latest technology and equipment for plumbing problems including CCTV pipe leak and location equipment. Our vans are stocked with everything we need to fix both common and extensive plumbing problems and to solve emergent plumbing system faults.

For all emergencies both big and small

Our Five Dock emergency plumbing team are ready and equipped to deal with every kind of plumbing problem. We have been called out to everything from burst pipes to a broken hot water system, a blocked toilet, or overflowing sewer or water drain. No matter the need- we will get you out of trouble and get your plumbing systems back up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?
We provide an extremely comprehensive list of plumbing services to Five Dock residents and businesses. Whether you need a hot water system installed, a blocked drain repaired, or a new bathroom renovated – we are the number one plumber, Five Dock wide.

Our services include:

  • Bathroom repairs (sink, shower, bath, toilets and more)
  • Kitchen repairs (sink, dishwasher, taps and more)
  • Laundry and other home water fixtures and feature repairs
  • Hot water system repairs
  • Pipe relining
  • New home plumbing system installs
  • Renovations
  • New hot water systems
  • Gas fittings
How much does emergency plumbing cost?

Just like any plumbing job, the time, equipment, and costs involved in an emergency can vary greatly. This means it is impossible to give a set cost for what to expect from our emergency plumbing service.

What we can guarantee is that we are committed to providing high-quality plumbing services at affordable prices. We know that emergencies are rarely expected, so our technicians are mindful that cost may be a concern. As a result, we ensure your plumber will prioritise being honest and efficient while delivering high-quality workmanship.

How fast can you help with plumbing emergencies?

We know that overflowing water and blocked drains aren’t something that can be scheduled! We have a Five Dock plumber on call 24/7, and we always endeavour to provide a same day service for plumbing emergencies.

Our service vans are fully equipped with all the plumbing supplies, tools and equipment needed to fix the most common plumbing emergencies, meaning that we can solve most issues on the spot.

Do you only work in Five Dock?

We are the best plumbers in Five Dock and all over the Sydney area. Our Five Dock plumbers provide a reliable service to all the Inner West and Metropolitan areas of Sydney.

Our plumbing service areas include:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Sydney Inner West
  • Sydney Eastern Suburbs
  • Sydney North Shore and Northern Beaches

If you need a plumber in Sydney – give us a call today.

Can you fix a blocked drain?

Yes – we have never met a drain problem that we couldn’t solve. Whether the drain is blocked by a hairball, foreign objects, tree roots or if it’s blocked due to broken pipes, we can get your blocked drains back up and running.

Resolving blocked drains and clogs is something we excel at with the tools for CCTV camera inspections that can go down into the drain to investigate the blockage. We offer pipe relining services for homes in the Five Dock area, meaning that we can resolve broken pipes and blocked drains without having to dig up your garden.

Can't I just try to fix my plumbing myself?

We know it can be tempting to try and fix your plumbing yourself, especially when it seems like only a small problem with a leaking tap or toilet.

As a rule, we highly recommend using a professional service to ensure things are done properly. At the end of the day, you want to know that your plumbing works and isn’t about to cause another breakdown due to a DIY, band aid solution.

Water can very easily cause damage to your home, business, or property, so we recommend using a fully licensed plumber to ensure problems are fixed properly and with minimal damage and disruption. Our plumbers have the knowledge, tools, and skills to make sure things are done properly the first time.

Who will be coming to my house?

We have a whole team of highly trained plumbers in the Five Dock area ready to supply Five Dock residents and business owners with the best plumbing services on offer.

Our plumbing company is made up of fully licensed plumbers with the knowledge and skills to provide efficient and quality workmanship. Over the last 20 years, our plumbing company has grown to include plumbers who are honest, trustworthy, and reliable so that you can rest easy knowing that you have the best plumber for the job.

We always strive to deliver exceptional service. Every plumber on our team are friendly professionals who will make sure you are happy with the service provided.

Do you provide gas AND water services?

Yes – our plumbers are also trained gas fitters.

Our emergency plumbing service includes concerns with gas – so if you can smell gas and are concerned that you have a gas leak – call us straight away! Our gas fitters can install a new gas appliance and take care of everything related to gas plumbing- from hot water systems to BBQs and more.

What if you can't fix my plumbing?

There hasn’t been a problem we couldn’t solve! Sometimes larger jobs require a bit more plumbing work and time, but our team can help with everything from small problems like a leaking pipe or a leaking tap, right up to major burst water mains and blocked drains.

I think I've got a blocked drain - how do I tell?

Often, you might realise that you have a blocked drain long before it gets to the point of overflowing.

You may notice the water taking longer to drain away, a bad smell, or even different sounds coming from your pipes and plumbing.

If you are concerned that you might have a blocked drain, get a plumber out as soon as possible before it turns into an emergent, overflowing problem. A professional plumbing service like ours can use equipment like our CCTV cameras to provide a quick and efficient way to identify what is blocking the pipes and where the trouble is coming from. If you’re worried about having to dig up your outside garden because of blocked drains – never fear! We offer pipe relining solutions that fix the problem from the inside.