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When to Call a Gas Fitter:

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Is that gas you can smell? Unable to find the gas leak source? Then you need to call a gas fitter. A gas fitter is licensed to install and repair gas piping and equipment fueled by natural gas. If you need a Sydney gas plumber, call 02 9744 0964.

Gas leaks are common and can be extremely dangerous so it’s very important to have gas leak repair as soon as possible to the ensure safety of your family and property.

Needless to say, gas leaks can happen anytime and anywhere and finding the right source is always a challenge. The worst part is that many of these incidents take place under the home’s foundation and so it is not possible for just anyone to locate and fix them without the proper plumbing equipment and expertise to do the job.

At JR Burns, our master gas fitters have the plumbing expertise to provide you with best possible services for any kind of gas related problems. Whether you are looking for expert gas fitters or plumbers, we are always there to help.

list of gas fitting services

  •  All kind of gas leaks and repairs services – detection, diagnosis and repair
  • Gas hot water repairs and installation service
  • Gas oven and cooktop installation and connection
  • New gas pipe installation and connection
  • Gas heating installation, service and repair

 also provide emergency service to our clients. Our technicians and experts are active round the clock to provide you with right plumbing solutions to all your gas problems. Whether you have split pipes, leaking gas, broken gas hot water system or anything that relates to gas problems, we will be happy to serve round the clock with quick turnaround time. Call us now on 02 9744 0964.

Planning To Install A New Gas Appliance?

If you’re planning to install a new gas appliance, make sure you hire an expert and licensed fitter to get the plumbing work done. It will ensure that your new appliance is correctly installed so you can use it with safety. A licensed plumber will issue a Compliance Certificate to ensure the validity of Product Warranty. We also provide you with a guarantee on our services.
If you are looking for professional services for gas fittings, installation or repair, call us today and get free quotes. We provide fast, efficient and reliable service for all gas plumbing and fitting. We also offer 24 hour gas and emergency plumbing services to all Sydney residents. JR Burns Plumbing 02 9744 0964.



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