Water Pump Failure

Pump Failed in Sydney CBD

On the job update for Sydney CBD. Pump failure can be a danger to property and lives, in this case we were able to find a solution to the problem. If you need a Sydney CBD plumber, call JR Burns Plumbing before the damage is done.

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On the job in Sydney CBD. Time for a five year service on a Brown Thermostatic Mixing Valve. Regular servicing ensures compliance with manufacturers warranty and in this case consistent temperatures.

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance may include.

  • Backflow prevention testing and certification
  • Thermostatic mixing valve servicing
  • Eye wash bay/shower testing and servicing
  • Hot water/solar hot water servicing
  • Pump maintenance and replacements for sewer, stormwater, rainwater and hot water circulation pumps.
  • Jet cleaning of pipes and drains